Eminent Wines Tour: Bordeaux

A selection of luxury wine tours packages and tailor-made wine tours experiences are available for this unique destination.

La vie de châteaux

"Stay in Chateaux Pape Clément, a Grand Cru Classé of Graves, where you will fall under the spell of the story of a Pope, seven hundred years of history…"


- A private guided tour of the fascinating Chateau Pape Clément
- A tasting of our most legendary vintages
- Lunch in the open air in the shady park of the Chateau
- A drive in the Rolls Royce to the historic centre of Bordeaux, listed as UNESCO World Heritage, or another option Dinner in the Owner’s dinning room.


Stay in the Chateau’s elegant bedrooms.

Practical information

Number of Participants: minimum 2
Option: ½ day activity
Length of stay: 1 day/1 night
Distance covered: 40 km

Secrets de Grands Crus

Day 1

- Dine in style at Chateaux Pape Clément
- Peaceful night at the Chateau
- Optional evening activity

Day 2

- Visit the wine cellars of Chateau Pape Clément, Grave Grand Cru Classé.
- Picnic in the park of the Chateau, in the shade of a two hundred year old cedar tree.
- Private tour of Chateau Fombrauge, Saint Emilion Grand Cru, and the medieval village of Saint Emilion.
- Evening meal in the dining room of Chateau Fombrauge or in a select restaurant in Saint Emilion.
- Stay overnight at Chateau Fombrauge with an exceptional view of the vineyards.

Day 3

- Discover Chateau La Tour Carnet, Grand Cru Classé – Medoc (in the 1855 classification), and meet a master barrel-maker.
- « Medieval » dinner at Château La Tour Carnet

Optional ½ day activity.

Practical information

Number of participants: minimum 2
Options: evening activity on day 1 and ½ day activity on day 3.
Length of stay: 3 days/ 2 nights
Distance covered: 150 km

Envolée d'Expection

Fly over Bernard Magrez's most beautiful wine estates in a luxury helicopter, as free as a bird...

Day 1

- Dinner in the enchanting Château Pate Clément
- Exceptional overnight stay in the elegant bedroom of the Château
- Optional evening activity

Day 2 - Helicopter tour

- Fly over the prestigious wine appellations in a helicopter
- Stop off for a private tour and tasting a Château La Tour Carnet, 1855 Grad Cru Classé - Medoc
- Luxury lunch at Château Fombrauge, a timeless estate in Saint Emilion
- Dinner in the country kitchen of the Château
- The night of your dreams in one of the bedrooms of eternal beauty in the Grand Château

Day 3 - A drive in a Rolls Royce

- Discover the historic medieval village of Saint Emilion
- Dinner in fine restaurant in the center of Bordeaux
- Visit 18th century Bordeaux on foot accompanied by a private guide
- Unfold the secrets of seven centuries of history while you visit and taste wines of Château Pape Clément, Graves Grand Cru Classé

Practical information

Number of participants: minimum 2
Length of stay: 3 days / 2 nights
Option: evening activity on Day 1
Distance covered: 250km