VSI Temperature controlled Cabinets

The VSI range of cabinets, from 50 to 308-bottle capacity, are designed to complement any room in your home, while providing reliable, stylish, storage, either single- (long term) or multi-temperature (for serving availability).

Cabinets are made from a sheet steel casing and an inner skin of aluminium, sandwiching 50mm of polyurethane insulation.

A digital electronic circuit maintains the temperature and humidity is maintained at an average of 70% by a unique re-humidification system.

Cabinets are naturally ventilated through a carbon filter to remove odours.

The Vinosafe modular shelving system provides style, efficiency to give maximum storage capacity, and flexibility to accommodate a range of bottle shapes and display facilities.

VSI cabinets are available in a choice of four heights and two widths, and in two styles.

A full range of accessories is available and cabinets may be customised to your requirements.


  • Digital temperature control.
  • Humidity control at 70% average.
  • Carbon air filter.
  • Modular shelving.
  • Lockable door.
  • Quiet running.
  • 50mm polyurethane insulation.
  • Wireless temperature and humidity monitor with alarms.
  • Optional cold light unit for Pro style.
  • Wireless monitor upgrade for Domaine style.
  • Under-counter modification available for 6S size.

Shelving - the Vinogarde system:

All shelves are sliding, on smooth rollers. When used for storage they can be fixed with a temporary stud, which enables up to 60 bottles to be stored on a shelf.

The basic shelf is a frame, on which two grids (front and back) can be fitted; the grids can be horizontal, inclined or vertical ('basket'), and may be mixed - for example horizontal at the back and tilted at the front for display.

The Pro cabinets are fitted with VinoBlock finish, a coating which holds the bottles securely, preventing slipping when the shelves are pulled forward or the inclined grid is used