Professional Wine Cellars

We offer a range of facilities when it comes to wine storage, from a simple wine cabinet holding as few as 50 bottles to a professional wine cellar construction capable of storing up to 10,000 bottles.

Not many households have a genuine wine cellar and good wines need good storage at the right temperature.

You can build your own cellar if you have:
- a spare room in your house
- or space in a large room 
- or space in your garage

We can advise you, or your builder, how to construct an air-tight cellar and fit a temperature control unit.

Wine Cellar Design Advice

We can provide you with sound advice on suitable designs for your cellar to provide you with a practical solution to match your requirements. Whether you are looking for maximum storage or perhaps somewhere to display your wines, we can provide a solution not only for traditional below ground cellars but also to fit in existing rooms or even use glass partitions to section off part of a room to produce a feature wine storage area.

Take a look at some of our work:

We can work from your plans or, if you are located within a reasonable distance from London we can conduct a site visit for a fee of £235 including VAT.

During the site visit we will conduct a survey of your proposed cellar location.

We will discuss your requirements and provide you with advice and recommendations regarding racking, insulation and climate control.

We will then use this information to produce a 3D CAD model and design your cellar complete with racking.

We will then produce our quotation for the agreed package of work.