Distinguished experiences for wine lovers

From our traditional Champagne weekends and Burgundy tours to a bespoke self-drive circuit or a birthday weekend, we create the perfect trip, whether for individuals, groups or companies.

With Eminent Wines Tours, you have the flexibility to arrange an unforgettable experience.

Why Eminent Wines Tour?

At Eminent Wines Tours, we believe in delivering a personal service to all our customers and that there is no substitute for individual knowledge and experience. We specialize in a limited range of destinations so you can be sure that we have a deep and extensive knowledge of your chosen region.

We believe that our customers deserve the best quality and service for their money, irrespective of whether they are spending £350 or £500,000 on a trip. Before any Luxury Hotel or wine producer is recommended, we will have visited them to ensure that they meet the high standards that you may expect.

In this section, you will find the types of trips that we can arrange for companies, groups and individuals. We also offer a broad range of accommodation and travel options for your convenience. These are summarised below.


Within each of the regions, we have visited dozens of hotels to find the right accommodation for you and we offer a range to suit all requirements. From affordable 3* hotels in convenient town locations to secluded 5* Chateaux and Palace where both service and presentation are impeccable, we have the most appropriate accommodation for you.


We can advise you on flight options and even charter our private plane for up to 8 people.

Vineyards & Champagne Houses

With every Eminent Wines Tour, you will have the opportunity to visit a number of vineyards and wine makers. We organise visits to a range of wine makers both small and large, to allow you to compare. On many of our tours, you will get the opportunity to meet the wine makers and hear first hand about the numerous factors that influence the production of quality wines and of course, no tour would be complete without tasting the wines!


A final essential element in every Eminent Wines Tours is the opportunity to enjoy the wines as the makers intended - by sitting down to enjoy them with a good meal, in pleasant company. We take the same care to select and recommend from a brasserie to a Michelin star restaurant and individual menus as we do with the rest of your trip

Independent Trips

In addition to the group trips and tours that we organise, we assist individual travellers to plan independent trips. If you have been in the situation where you have made your own plans for your holiday but when you arrive you find that something is not what you expected, then you will realise how important local knowledge is.


At Eminent Wines Tours, we will not recommend anything without first having personally assessed it. We have assessed many of the hotels in the regions and selected only the best ones. So if you want to have your ideal trip without any stress, talk to us.

We will discuss your requirements with you and then arrange everything including booking your hotel and travel, sending you plans, restaurant and vineyard recommendations and an itinerary.